Farewell from the ASBC

10 March 2016

Post by Mark Brennan, Australian Small Business Commissioner

This is my last blog post as Australian Small Business Commissioner. I am proud to have been appointed the inaugural national Small Business Commissioner.

It has been a most refreshing experience to have seen the Small Business Commissioner concept develop at the national level. The key elements of a Small Business Commissioner have been to the fore.

We have responded to requests for assistance. We have assisted in the resolution of disputes. We have been an advocate to Government, and to business.

Our overarching aspiration has been to influence the quality of the business environment for the benefit of all business. In encouraging this, we have expected all participants in the business community to “lift their game”. We have proceeded on the basis of concern for “substance rather than technicality”. We have espoused the credo that “no small business should fail through lack of access to information”.

Going forward, we expect Government agencies to behave as a “model business” in their business dealings .In doing so, Government can be an exemplar of business behaviour and therefore a powerful influence on the quality of the business environment.

I am pleased that the Small Business Commissioner concept is to be continued at the national level seamlessly, but with enhanced statutory powers and functions, by Ms Kate Carnell AO as the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman.

Last updated: 01 September 2015